The Weir

by Conor McPherson

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What would be your approach to The Weir (1997), an Irish play, to contemporize it to engage current audiences?

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One of the major themes of The Weir is the interaction of the past with the present and the present's barriers to the past. One way to contemporize the concepts of the play would be to render the weir wholly symbolic by replacing it with a subterranean experiment beneath a mountain designed to catch particles of dark matter, such as are in existence at the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search in Minnesota and the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy. This is a contemporary counterpart to the concept of present advances posing barriers to the past because depending on the outcome of this category of experiment, the matter-antimatter asymmetry experiments at Fermilab, and CERN's Large Hadron Collider experiments, new physics might be discovered that require rewriting everything that is known about the subatomic quantum physics universe since the Standard Model may be proven inaccurate and obsolete.

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