Weight on a spring moves so that it's speed is given by the formula.. Y=10+2sin((pie x t)/ 6) What is the greatest speed that the weight can reach?

oldnick | Student




`y'=0 rArr` `(pit)/6=pi/2`   `(pit)/6=(3pi)/2`     `t_1=3`   `t_2=9`






Max value:


Min value:

`y(9)=10+2sin((3pi)/2)` `=8`

pramodpandey | Student

Given spped

`Y=10+2sin((pi t)/ 6)`      (i)

diiferentiate with respect to t


`` For maximum speed  ,





`t=3` sec



`Y }_{t=3)=10+2sin((3pi)/6)=10+2=12`  unit/sec