weight loss...i am 5okgs 13yrs 4.11in ht ....i want to lose weight so that i can wear sleeveless dresses...time is not any problem for me.... bt i want to lose atleast 3-4kgs by may...i think it...

weight loss...

i am 5okgs 13yrs 4.11in ht ....i want to lose weight so that i can wear sleeveless dresses...time is not any problem for me.... bt i want to lose atleast 3-4kgs by may...i think it can happen...n i am very weak of stamina!!! so any dietary plan...plzzz help!!!!!!!!!

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The suggestions above are all good ones. Since you say you have a weak will (and most of us do!), I would suggest that you try to make several small changes instead of one or two big ones. First of all, try to increase your activity level a little. Go for a walk every day; even 15 minutes will make a difference if you stick to it. Also, since it sounds like you are particularly concerned about your arms, doing some exercise to firm them up will make a difference as well. Doing a few push-ups every day would help. See how many you can do, and then try to add one or two more every day. (Don't worry about getting bulgy muscles, it won't happen that easily!)

As far as foods, you need to ask yourself where your weak points are. Do you need to stop snacking between meals or in the evening? Do you need to eat smaller portions? One thing that often helps is drinking a glass of water about 10-20 minutes before each meal, or doing so when you want a snack. Often food cravings are really the body's way of telling you that you're dehydrated.

Avoid drinks that have sweeteners in them. Switch to plain water. Brush your teeth right after you finish a meal, or chew sugarless gum instead of munching.

Keep in mind that every day is a new day. If you slip, don't give up, just remind yourself that tomorrow you will do better. Good luck!

start | Student

Since I believe you won't go to the gym or have a personal trainer, then you should have targets which would be commendable with your life.

The main thing in losing weight is to know what food you eat the most and start decreasing on these. Include fruits, vegeatbles and water in your diet.

As for excersing, you need to search in YouTube for excercises that are simple and effective.


~Wishing you all the luck

blondie-11 | Student

A good idea would be cutting down on food or eating healthier. In other words half your intake. I also find sit ups work. Start with ten and increase them by five every week.

Here are things that help if you try to do them as often as possible in a month:

  • running
  • crunches and push ups/ various other workouts
  • bicycles
  • drinking green tea (without the sugar warning: its very bitter but one small cup every day really helps its good for your skin and speeds up metabolism)
  • eating healthier
  • try to cut off from sodas^
  • drink lots of water

and yeah those are just in my opinion just some of the healthiest and safest ways to loose weight while increasing stamina. 

alilion | Student

Eat alot but control your sugar intake.. do plenty of exercises i prefer you do nice and slow sit ups and start to do press ups on your knees if you find it hard to do it when in prone..but before you start exercises make sure you don't have any injuries..

masti4 | Student

To increase your Stamina, try walking initially for few days, and then start jogging for few days , then move forward to running. You can also add few upper body exercises, like wall pushups, jumping jacks, boxing in the air, or doing some swimming hand strokes in the air, which really helps. I would also recommend you to go for swimming two to three times in a week, start slowly and then add new strokes and swim more faster, it really helps tone the entire body and burns alot of fat.

For your diet, I would tell you not to go on CRASH DIETS, you are just 13, your body needs nutrients and calories to increase your height, and for your entire body development.YOU ARE STILL GROWING, by the time you are 18, you will eventually lose alot of your body fat, dont worry, it was the same for me too. Eat a well balanced diet, cosume food from all the food groups, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean mean, chicken,fish pulses, legumes etc. As much as possible dont survive on fast food, try to eat home meals, and if you are a soda person cut back your soda. Do not overload your body with a lot of junk, it is not good for the body in the long run. This does not mean you cannot enjoy junk food, just in moderation or in minimal quantities. Try to eat 6 small meals in a day , drink 8-10 glasses of water, be happy and do not fret on your body. Accept yourself as you are, this will make fast changes in your body. You are young, you just need to be more active, and then see how your body applauds you with its beauty.

Do not STARVE, it will affect your height. Be happy, and best of luck to you !


rock-star790 | Student

This might be just a suggestion - try oats 2 times a day and fruits and salad during lunch. I reduced weight by doing this for 1 month. Hope it works!