In a​ week, 32 hens laid 96 eggs. What is the unit rate for eggs per​ hen?

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We are given that 32 hens laid 96 eggs, and we are asked to find the unit rate of eggs per hen.

A unit rate relates two variables: it expresses how many of the first variable are needed for each unit of the second variable. The answer is a ratio in the form k:1. Examples are how many dollars per 1 gallon of gasoline, how many dollars paid per 1 hour of work, how many calories expended per i minute of exercise, etc...

Here we need to know how many eggs are laid per 1 hen.

Since the rate is eggs per hen, we write a ratio of the number of eggs to the number of hens, and then use a proportion to find the unit rate.

`(96"eggs")/(32"hens") ` ; in this case just simplifying the ratio (factoring out the common factor) will yield the unit rate:

`96/32=(3(32))/(1(32))=3/1 `

The unit rate is 3 eggs per hen.

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