In The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, why did Holling become overheated on the day of the state achievement exams?

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Before Christmas break in The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, Mr. Guareschi, the principal of Camillo Junior High school, announced that all junior and senior high students would be taking the New York State Standardized Achievement Tests in January, after the break. He sent home practice tests for everyone to work on, as well, hoping that students would study over the holidays. Holling Hoodhood's teacher, Mrs. Baker, thinks such testing is ridiculous and refused to give her students the practice tests.

The day before the tests are scheduled to be given, Long Island is hit with a serious snowstorm which knocks out the electricity in the school. This means no heat and no lights, not to mention dangerous driving conditions for the buses; however, Mr. Guareschi makes it clear that the tests will still be administered and every students is expected to be in attendance. 

The testing day begins without electricity, and Holling is prepared. 

Since the power was still off at the school, I wore thermal underwear--top and bottom--plus an extra T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and two pairs of heavy socks.

He was sweating on his way to school, but he believed he would be "warm and cozy through the test, even if he couldn't move [his] toes in [his] boots." 

Unfortunately ]for Holling, at least], the electricity--and heat--returns in the afternoon, and suddenly Holling finds himself nearly fainting because he is so overheated. 

me-u-ily | Student

he was over heated because he was loaded with warm clothes. also he had some type of underwear that was heated.

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