In The Wednesday Wars, what positive influence does Mrs. Baker have on Holling Hoodhood?This question is for people who have alreeady read the Wednesday Wars.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Baker has a positive influence on Holling Hoodhood because she always comes through for him when he is in need. Through her example and support, Holling is able to grow in maturity, and develops the ability to see beyond himself to the needs of others.

Mrs. Baker comes through for Holling again and again. When he plays Ariel in the Shakespeare production, his parents aren't interested enough to come and support him, but she attends his performance and encourages his classmates to be there too. When Holling is hit by the schoolbus, it is Mrs. Baker who takes him to the hospital when his parents can't be bothered to come down, even though Holling has hurt her very deeply by belittling her own very real problems in comparison to his own. Mrs. Baker supplies cream puffs for the class to save Holling from their ire when he cannot get them himself for lack of funds and other extenuating circumstances. When Holling's father lets him down as usual by not coming to pick him up at school to accompany him to Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, Mrs. Baker goes in his stead. The fact that Mrs. Baker cares enough about him to repeatedly go out of the way to make his life easier enables Holling to understand what real compassion is all about, and allows him to show the same quality to others himself.

Mrs. Baker also challenges Holling to think about important things in life by exposing him to the writings of Shakespeare. Though he resists at first, Holling soon learns to appreciate that the genius of Shakespeare lies in the truths he addresses about the universal human experience.

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