wednesday warsany body know what happen in the end i lost my book......and the the middle......

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In the middle, Holling and Mrs. Baker form a mutual aid society with Holling's giving her tips on how to come off well in her teacher's observations and Mrs. Baker coaching Holling in running. In the end, Holling meets baseball players who recognize Mrs. Baker from the Melbourne Olympics and Holling's dad has a terrible disappointment at work and home. While Holling turns out to be the hero of his house, single-handedly rescuing his sister when his parents act foolishly, Mrs. Baker's husband is located in Vietnam and flown home to reunite with her.

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Your best bet is to go to the library and get another book, if this is a school assignment. Just reading a summary is not going to be the same as reading the book, as summaries are not meant to replace actually reading the book. Enotes does have a summary. You can reach it here: