weathered rock materials can be moved by

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Weathering is a process in which rocks are broken down into smaller pieces, ultimately becoming very small in size.

The major ways that weathered rocks can be moved is by wind and water. Depending on its speed, both wind and water can pick up rock pieces of various sizes and move them to other locations.

Tree roots can also cause weathered rocks to move by growing their roots into small cracks in the rocks. As the roots grow their pressure can split the rocks.

Gravity is also an agent for moving weathered rocks. One piece may start moving which causes more and more other pieces to move and the result can be a large landslide. Gravity can also work through the process known as "creep". In this case gravity is constantly pulling on the materials on a slope and over time they will slowly move down hill.

Worms and other organisms can also move weathered rock from the surface to below ground, incorporating them into the various soil layers.


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Weathered rock materials can be moved by rivers, glaciers, wind, gravity