we use our nervous system and special senses every day. What would be a good example of this?

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Homeostasis is an equilibrium--a way for the body to maintain a stable, internal environment, while constantly adjusting to changes both internally and externally. Sense organs are receptors that receive information(stimuli) from the environment. The control center(brain or spinal cord) receives and processes the information. The effector responds to the stimuli by commands from the control center. An effector is a muscle or gland. For example, receptors in the eye respond to something you see--a car speeding toward you. The brain(control center) sends messages to the leg muscles to jump out of the way. You smell cooking food using receptors in the nose. The brain sends a signal to saliva glands in the mouth, and your mouth waters. Hearing, touch and taste are the other senses that have receptors in various parts of the body. The brain and spinal cord help coordinate voluntary and reflex actions respectively, to respond to the ever-- changing environment.

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when ever something gets close to our eyes our eyelids automatically gets closed.

Our heart never forgets to beat.

whenever we touch a hot object we automatically remove our hands from it.

whenever a mosquito bites our hands automatically reaches the place to smash it.