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"We are sorry to announce that the 11.20 train to Delhi has been cancelled due to a derailment." This type of announcement is heard at__ a.) Radio b.) Television c.) Railway station d.) Bus station

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It is possible for such an announcement to be heard in or by any of the options that are given here.  However, C is by far the most likely answer.

It is possible that a radio or television newscast would include that particular announcement.  However, it is unlikely that it would be framed in terms of an apology.  It would be much more likely to be presented as news.

It is also possible that this could be heard at a bus station.  This would be more likely if the bus company were connected to the train company.  In such a case, the bus company might need to inform passengers who were planning to bus to the railroad station and catch the train that had derailed.

However, it is much more likely that this is simply an announcement at a train station since that is where one would be most likely to hear an announcement about a train cancellation.

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