Are we a society that has heeded Huxley's warning in Brave New World?

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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World warns readers about the control and use of knowledge. Upholding the old adage that knowledge is power, the novel illustrates that the one who possess the knowledge also possess the power. The novel serves as a warning to mankind: do not allow science and technology (a main theme of the novel) to prove more powerful than humankind. Instead, humankind should prove more powerful then science and technology (since being the ones responsible for the advancement of science and technology). 

Society today can be regarded, in some aspects, as a society which has fallen prey to science and technology. Although "we" do not live lives like those depicted in the novel (ones dedicated to lives of overabundance, leisure, and individual pleasures), our world is obsessed with science and technology. We also challenge the world (in the same way John the Savage does). At times when we do not find current circumstances likable, many of us challenge and question both the status quo and the current conditions of life. We are constantly on the search for better technology, better scientific practices, and better ways to make our lives easier. 

All of this said, I would suggest that the novel still speaks as a warning to current generations and populations. If we, as a society (both local and global), continue to find ways which cut corners and make life easier (or lazy), we could end up in the same predicament the citizens of the novel do. 

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