We need three examples of metaphors with the page numbers, Does anyone know any off hand?  Thanks

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"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" is a moving story about a young boy whose father is sent to manage a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. The boy is lonely. Everyday he sees people in striped pajamas hanging out across a fence. The striped pajamas are a metaphor. They represent the clothing the holocaust survivors wear. There is an irony in this representation because the people do not get to hang out in pajamas but are in a work camp. Another metaphor which I liked was that the boy referred to Hitler the Furor as the fury. Hitler always appeared to be angry and fury was a good representation of his nature. My third metaphor is the words ‘Jewish Problem,” which was commonly used to represent the need to get rid of the Jews. Without the book in front of me it is hard to give you full textual metaphors, but to help you locate them, look at some of the words and try and picture their general definition. Next look how the author related the word and to what. This will help you to locate your own metaphors.

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civilizations of dolls

runajf | Student

I have two

Gretel and Brunos view from their rooms. Gretel can see flowers and a garden while Bruno can see the camp and all the prisoners. This is a metaphor for how they see the world. On page 28-31 i think.

The second one is the fence, where Bruno and Shmuel meet. That is thougout the hole book, and dousen't have any specific pages. The fence is a mataphor for two different worlds. Bruno's side, which is the "nazi" side, and Shumel's side which is the Jew side with death camps and so on. 

Hope this helped! Yolo

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