Are we in the midst of a revolution in technology and to what extent is this a positive or negative state of affairs?

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The world for a while now has been accelerating in the area of technology. What started with personal computers has now transformed into computerizing so many other aspects of life. For example, banking is now done on-line, medicine is becoming more computerized, education can also be conducted on-line, and most of all there are no signs of slowing down. 

Even in the area of warfare, we have drones, which are controversial. In the near future, we may even have drone ships that go out to sea to look for foreign submarines. All of these realities show that we are seeing a revolution. 

Whether this is good or bad, the answer is and will always be mixed. Technology can make life easy, but it can also destroy us. In the end, the Greek adage is central - "nothing in excess." 

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