What is the role of human freedom in a destined setting?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are a couple of issues to address here.  One is the basic idea of whether or not there is a destiny.  Some will argue that there is no destiny, but rather causality or simply existence.  Others will argue that there is something that represents a destined sense of being in the world.  Certainly, there is human freedom.  Even the most stringent predeterminists will argue that there is an acknowledged role of human freedom, diminished in the face of destined configurations.  Yet, I think that this role comes down to how one knows oneself.  It is in accordance with this understanding of self that all freedom is geared, even in a predetermined setting.  In this light, I believe that there is a role for human freedom in a predetermined setting.  This might be the best solution in trying to balance the fundamental oppositional concepts of freedom and predeterminism.  In this idea of self understanding, there is a chance for one to find where they fit and where their actions fit within a determined setting.  In this, I believe that there might be more embracing answer than either a setting that is only human freedom or one where there is only determinant reality.