As we know that marketing Information System (MIS) has four components: (1) Internal Report System (2) Marketing Intelligence System (3) Marketing Decision Support System an (4) Marketing Research System. How are these components used by US Companies to make distribution decisions in developing countries where marketing Information Systms are not been fully developed yet? Which of thr four components can be expected to be most useful to make distribution decisions in the developing countries? Why?

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Due to the dearth of reliable or readily available data in developing countries, companies have to rely on independently sourced data to key into their Management Information Systems. For example, Coca-Cola which has extensive operations throughout the developing world uses market information independently sourced by aggregating data derived from their distributors. This data is then used for market intelligence, market research and marketing decision support.

The most important component of the Marketing Intelligence System when it comes to distribution decisions in developing countries is the Marketing Research System. Companies need to conduct extensive independent market research in order to get a clear picture of their market position. This then feeds into the other components of the Marketing Intelligence System which makes applicable distribution decisions feasible.

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