As we know, some consider Anne Bradstreet as an early feminist. Are there any feministic elements in her works?

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The main element of feminism in Anne Bradstreet's poetry is the fact that she dared to write it at all! In her time, a time influenced by deep and profound Puritan beliefs and limitations, a woman's place was very much in the home as a housewife, mother to her children and support to her husband,taking her intellectual lead and angle from him. Men were seen to think and to write, but women were expected to keep their intellectual thoughts inside the privacy of their own kitchen. It is a great wonder and credit that her male friends thought well enough of her to get her book home and published. She has fine and reasoned ideas, but is careful to couch them in domestic/relationship settings--yet look beyond the happy kitchen scenes and you will see the strong themes of conscience,dissent and conflict running through.

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