If we have a copper of length l, how would you arrange it to obtain the maximum inductance?

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kjcdb8er eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Inductance is a measure of the size of the back electromotive force that given inductor will induce on itself. The inductance depends upon the physical structure of the circuit element and not upon the current or voltage across the inductor.

So, to maximize the indictance of a copper wire it needs to be arranged such that the electro-magnetic fields produced by the wire sum together. That configuration is a coil, or a solenoid.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Let's try to solve this problem on the example of simple coils with cylindrical shape and a single layer.

The indicative values of the maximum inductance that can get in the coils with a layer, depending on the diameter of casing, are given below:

Diameter of casing [mm]:10  Maximum inductance [microH]:30

Diameter of casing [mm]:15 Maximum inductance [microH]:50

Diameter of casing[mm]:20 Maximum inductance [microH]:100

Diameter of casing[mm]:30 Maximum inductance [microH]:200

Diameter of casing[mm]:50 Maximum inductance [microH]:500

Inductance of such coils can be determined with one of these  relationships:

L=D^2*n^2/(100*l+44D), where n = number of turns;D = diameter,in cm; w = length winding,in cm.

In order to increase inductance and decrease the   number of turns, coils can be provided with a core of a magnetic  material . The core is provided with groove or fixed in a cylindrical plastic screw piece cap for adjustment of position inside the coil.Through  this is  adjusted slightly the value of inductance, also.