We have an "quotes project" for the novel,Their Eyes Were Watching God in  AP English, and I don't exactly understand what I'm suppose to do. Please help!Assignment: While reading Their Eyes Were...

We have an "quotes project" for the novel,Their Eyes Were Watching God in  AP English, and I don't exactly understand what I'm suppose to do. Please help!

Assignment: While reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, you will collect a minimum of at least six annotated passages/quotes from the novel and "the Quote of the novel"(so, this is a minimum total of seven quotes). Then you will write a reflective letter about the novel and your reaction to both it and the annotated passages that you assembled.

first, in a well-written paragraph explain how the passage "fits" into the novel (does the passage add to the character development, the plot line, the details of setting, and so forth) discuss the importance of the passage to the book's message or meaning or theme.

Then, in a well written paragraph react to the passage as a reader. Make me understand why you have selected this passage.

Then, select Another, Different passage as "The quote of the book" that one passage or quote that captures the essence~the true meaning~ of the novel for you, the reader. In a well-written paragraph explain exactly how this passage is the one perfect quote from the book [think of this as one passage that you would absolutely want saved should your book ever be lost or destroyed.]


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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume you have been asking questions in class or at a time the teacher is available to help yourself.  First, make a list of several passages (MINIMUM of six which means 8 would be better) which you think are important to the story or the story's meaning. Carefully look at each one to see  if you think it makes a character easier for you to understand or to see the setting in your mind through the details given.  So for the 6-8 passages, you must figure out what they add to understanding the novel AND its THEME. This would be the first paragraph for the passage selected.  The next paragraph should be your reaction to the passage as a reader. You really are explaining why you selected this passage as one important enough to use in this paper.The quote of the novel means that you pick out a passage or quote which you think summarizes or explains or is the exact quote to understanding the core meaning of this novel.

Now, my understanding is that you will be writing a reflective or thoughtful letter about the novel, your reaction to it and to the quotes you have chosen which will be 3 paragraphs.  If I were you, I would check with your teacher to find out exactly how many paragraphs you are to write as I'm not sure if you write about each passage first and then write the reflective letter after the seven quotes have been explained and reacted to or not.  You can do this; just figure out which question you need answered by your teacher.

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