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We had a youth meeting at our church and received many types of feedback from the attendees. I have been asked to summarize it and give a presentation on it. Any help would be appreciated. 

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There are two ways you can structure a presentation on the subject of the feedback you received at your youth meeting. One would be in the form of minutes, in which you provide a summary of the comments people gave in chronological order. The other, more effective, strategy would be to group different types of feedback by subject matter. You could also combine these strategies by creating a handout containing the minutes but a slide presentation organized by topic.

The first slide in your presentation should include basic factual information concerning the meeting:

  • date
  • time (start and end times)
  • location
  • number of people attending (full attendee list if available)
  • chair or convener of the meeting

Next, you should give a brief summary of the purpose of the meeting and why it was called. 

If you are doing a topical presentation, your third slide should be in point format and list the major categories into which the feedback can be divided. For example, you might list such topics as:

  • Discussion of services and liturgies
  • Sunday school
  • Current youth activities
  • Desired new youth activities

Next, you should discuss each of the major topics in the order in which you listed them. Your conclusion should be discussion of an action plan concerning how the church intends to move forward in response to the discussion. 


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