Please write a summary which reflects pages 110-140 of Fahrenheit 451.

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This section of Fahrenheit 451 contains the climax and its resolution in the narrative as Guy Montag finally revolts against his stultifying society.

In Part 3, "Burning Bright," Montag is surprised that a call to which he has been assigned is his own home, from which Mildred with a face "numb and featureless" flees with a suitcase. As usual, Beatty teases Montag about responsibility and consequences attached to his recitation of poetry, saying that the beauty of fire is that "it destroys responsibility and consequences."Further, he orders Montag to burn his own house, and afterwards, he will be under arrest. All this time Faber calls to him over the two-way radio, asking what is happening and pleading with him to save the books. Then, the green bullet falls from Montag's ear and Beatty discovers it.

After burning his house, Montag stands with the flame thrower still in his hands. Beatty berates Montag further, asking him just where the books have taken him now. Then, after quoting from

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