Ways to recognize the features of a typical grass plant?How does grass compare against cereals,i.e. organic properties, elasticity, etc.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Grass is a loose term that applies to a large number of monocotyledonous herbaceous plants that have long, narrow leaves emanating from close to the stem of the plant.  These can range from the true grasses to sedge, to the rushes.  Grass plants can be part of the cereal group, such as corn, wheat or rice, or can be members of the bamboo group, which has thick, hollow, woody stems.  Most of us think of the grass we have to mow in the summer time, such as lawn grass, or turf grass.  Grasses have widespread use among three areas in particular:  food, for cereals and breads, beverage production, namely beer and whiskey, and pasture for animals, for cattle, sheep, horses, hogs, goats, and other types of animals that typically forage grasses from pasturelands as a primary food source.  Things to look for among grasses are a narrow leaf structure, supported by a parallel vein structure within the leaves.

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