ways to maintain peace and prosperity in south asia  

South Asia's problems with Peace are usually problems between India-Pakistan. Peace can be achieved through understanding, if the people understand each other, then the general public will feel inclined to protest the conflict. People power is the most powerful tool, as we could see it ousted those dictators from the Middle East in the Arab Spring. If the same thing happens corruption within the South Asian Governments could end, and the people could declare the conflicts understanding. It is all about Peace through understanding.
As for prosperity, South Asia is doing pretty well in growth. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and is an emerging world power itself. The things keeping South Asia from its maximum potential is the corrupt government, poor literacy rates, and over-population. The corrupt government could be fixed through people power, and literacy rates need to be improved through encouraging schooling, especially for girls, who, in many regions, are encouraged not to attend school. Also over-populati
on could be covered through contraception and the halting of polygamy practices that are allowed to many Muslim families in the region.