A wave in which the vibration is at right angles to its direction of motion is called a ___ wave. a)longitudinal b)transverse c)compression d)torional

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Waves are created when energy is transferred. There are many different types of waves. A transverse wave has oscillations that travel perpendicular to the energy transfer direction. That said, a nice demonstration is two students hold a rope between them. When one student moves their hand up and down, transverse waves move through the rope. Another example are ocean waves. Seismic or earthquake waves, known as S waves which move through solids, are called transverse waves.

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A wave is a motion in the space in a certain direction.

When the vibration is a long the same direction, than is it longitudinal.

When there is question of a force directed to the centre of the wave, than there is a compression wave.

When at the contrary a centrifugal force is obseved, than there is a torional wave.

When there is a angle of 90 degree upun the wave, than there is a transverse wave...


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