In The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963, how did Rufus realize that Larry Dunn had stolen Kenny's gloves?

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Larry Dunn has stolen Kenny's fancy rabbit-fur-lined gloves. It's not surprising that he did this, because he usually wears socks as mittens, so the temptation to steal some good quality gloves proved too hard to resist. Although Kenny suspects Larry, he doesn't know for sure. In any case, Larry's gloves are black, whereas Kenny's were brown.

But on the way home one day, the truth is finally revealed. Larry administers something he calls a "Maytag Wash," which involves shoving ice and snow into Kenny's and Rufus's jackets. Kenny and Rufus then realize that the ice and snow is covered with black boot polish. Now Kenny has hard evidence that Larry stole his gloves and dyed them with black boot polish to cover up his theft.

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The answer to this can be found in Chapter 4 of the book.  Rufus realized that Larry Dunn had stolen Kenny’s gloves because of what Larry did to disguise them.  At first, Kenny did not think that the gloves were his because his gloves were brown and Larry’s were black.  But then Rufus pointed out the snow to Kenny.  The snow that Larry had touched with his new gloves was all black.  Larry had taken the gloves and used shoe polish to color them black.  The shoe polish had come off on the snow and Rufus had noticed it.

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