In The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963, what made Kenny think that his Dad was really tired in Chapter 11?

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Your original question is to be noted because it contained more questions than I have ever seen in any one question in my time as an editor for enotes. You are not allowed to ask multiple questions. Enotes permits you to ask one question at a time. Therefore I have edited your huge list of questions to focus on the first question you asked.

It is clear that in Chapter 11 Kenny's Dad is not in a good way. Having just driven nearly all the way to Alabama without stopping hardly at all whilst the rest of his family has been asleep has meant that he is absolutely exhausted. Note what Kenny says about his father:

Dad was looking real, real bad. He was still smiling to himself but now instead of a real smile it looked like he was gripping his teeth together to get ready to bite something. The worst thing, though, was that he had turned the radio on and was listening to country and western music! He was even tapping his hand on the steering wheel like he was really enjoying it.

Kenny had previously commented that the reason his father had bought the Ultra-Glide was because he hated country and western music so much and couldn't stand listening to it all the way on the journey, so the fact that his father is now listening to it in an attempt to keep himself awake really emphasises how tired he is.

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