What are various points for the topic of water resources in India?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one aspect upon which you can focus is the basic idea of how government can invest in wide ranging civic engineering projects to ensure that water allocation is experienced in all parts of India.  Any nation that is surrounded by three large bodies of water and is filled with significantly powerful and flowing rivers has water.  The challenge is being able to invest in technologies to ensure that this water gets to the people who sorely need it.  In a larger sense, the Ministry of Water Resources must take a more active role in spearheading basic water projects that can simply divert water from these abundant sources to areas that truly need them.  This can be seen in cities as well.  Municipal planning has to include the consistent and safe delivery of water to all parts of a city.  In addition to this, the Indian monsoons deliver more water to the nation than it can handle.  Investing in engineering initiatives that will be able to parlay this water into a usable and consumable form will be a boon to any government that can deliver this and also harness natural resources in a meaningful and well warranted manner.