Water flows through a cylinder pipe of radius 0.74 cm. It fills a 12 litre bucket in 4 minutes. Calculate the speed of water through the pipe in centimeters per minute.  

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We are given the volumetric flow rate to be: 

`(12L)/(4 minutes) = 3 L/min`

Also since our final answer has to be in centimeters, we have to convert the volumetric flowrate obtained above into square centimeters: 

`3L = 3000cm^3`

Therefore the volumetric flowrate is:

`3000 (cm^3)/min`

In order to determine the speed of the water, we have to first know that the volume of the cylinder is: 

`V = pi * r^2 * h`

`pi = 3.14`

`r = 0.74cm` ( r = raduis)

`V = 3000 (cm^3 )/min`  Note in this equation V is volumetric flowrate, not volume.

Now we need to determine, h - the height: 

`h = (3000/ (pi *(0.74)^2 ))`

`h = 1744.69 (cm)/min`

We can round off the above answer to as the following: 

`h = 1745 (cm)/min`

The speed of the water going through the pipe is 1745 cm/min

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