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A water contained 35 gallons of water at first. Due to a leak at the bottom of the tank, the amount of water in the tank decreased to 32 gallons after 1 hour. After another hour, the amount of water in the tank was 26 gallons. Find the percent decrease in the amount of water from 35 gallons to 32 gallons. Round your answer to the 1 decimal place.

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Hi, user3407588,

The percent decrease wouldn't have anything to do with the rates of the flow.

The formula is:

x% = (new value - old value) * 100%

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atyourservice | Student

35 gallons to 32

set it up as `(32)/(35) = x/(100) ` because 35 was the original number therefore the 100% of the problem and 32 is the percentage we are trying to find.

cross multiply (multiply each number by the number diagonal to it.)

`32xx100=3200 `

`35xx x=35x `

set them equal to each other

`35x=3200  `

get x by itself by dividing by 35

`(35x)/(35) = (3200)/(35) `

x= 91.4285714286 which can be rounded to 91.4 this means only 91.4% of the water is left.


so 8.6% of the water was lost

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pramodpandey | Student

let decrease in water from 35 Gallons to 32 Galoons is x%.

ie. amount of decrease  water =35-32=3 Gallons.

`x% of 35= 3 `


`x=(3 .100)/35=60/7=8.57`



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