Wat words does Poe use to describe the guests and the layout of the rooms?"The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe

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Despite the fatal "pestilence" that decimates the population of his kingdom, Prince Prospero of "The Masque of the Red Death" is "happy and dauntless and sagacious," feeling that his position and weath will insulate him from this plague.  Nevertheless, there is some fear in him as he summons together 

a thousand hale and light-hearted friends from among the knights and dame of his court.

They gather in one of his fortress-like abbeys with castle-like towers where a magnificent party is staged.  The rooms of this abbey are seven, but they do not connect directly to one another.  Instead, they are arranged in a labyrinth in which no one room can be viewed from another as there is a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards, "and at each turn a novel effect."  The windows are stained glass; their colors match the hue of the room to which they belong.  With the fires in the braziers, gaudy and "fantastic appearances" occupy each room.  Indeed, there is a grotesqueness to them. One room, which is black with "blood-tinted panes" is extremely ghastly.  This room has a huge ebony clock whose pendulum swings with a heavy and monotonous clang. Into this room none of the guests venture although they occupy all the others.

There is a frantic, almost hysterical tone to the revelry of the guests as they dance, but when the clock chimes, the older guests wipe their brows and seem confused, the waltzers stop, and the frivolous voices cease.  After the clock grows quiet, the light laughter of the guests recommences until the next chime. As the night progresses the masquerade continues in the "unlimited license of the night."


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