What are some quotes from the text of "Carry on, Mr. Bowditch?"

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In the novel "Carry on Mr. Bowditch," the world was against Nathaniel, but he wouldn't be kept down.  When life dealt a blow, he picked up the pieces and kept on keeping on.  Nathaniel Bowditch was a real historical figure and his writings can still be found.  His story is inspirational and motivates the reader to want to give their best in whatever they do.

 “Nat wasn’t quite sure, but he thought a good-luck spell worked better if you kept it secret.”

“Why did they have so much bad luck?  Was it because Father had lost his ship? Or was it because of the War?  Ever since Nat could remember, the war had been going on.”

“He told her about the shilling he had found, and the good-luck spell. “It’s the best good-luck spell in the world.  But I’ll have to do it tonight, sure, while there’s still a new moon.”

"I can do it" Nat roared, "I'm doing it now! If I can teach Lupe to take a lunar, I can do anything!" He stopped... Captain Prince stared at him for a count of ten. "Carry on, Mr. Bowditch."

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