What are the similarities between the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare and the novel Lord of the Flies by Golding?...for an essay....essay topics

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Well, for one, both novels are about survival.  Cassius convinced the conspirators and Brutus that Caesar must be murdered to preserve the Roman way of life...otherwise life as they know it would vanish, and a culture would die.  Likewise, the survivors on the island had to literally find a way to live together until they were rescued. 

Both pieces deal with power struggles.  Jack is jealous that Ralph is voted in as leader.  He takes that title by force and through fear...punishing offenders and even killing members.  Cassius and the conspirators take the power from Julius Caesar by murdering him in the Senate.  Similarly, they are killed and the power which would have been theirs is seized by the Triumvirate.

Jack and the Triumvirate are loosely connected by the way they choose to govern, as well.  Both give the illusion that the government in place is for the best of the group/people, but the true power lies in the hands of Jack in Lord of the Flies and in the hands of Antony and Octavius (leaving Lepidus completely out or running errands to keep him busy) in Antony and Cleopatra.

There are other similarities...keep thinking and linking!  Good Luck!

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