What are the most significant differences of that time and contemporary America? PLEASE if you know anything anything could help me!!!!! THANK YOU SO  MUCHHHHHHH:)

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Devil in the White City tells a story which happened  more than a century ago, so there are some obvious differences between America then and now.  Three of them are most significant, it seems to me.

First, the lack of technology. For them, everything was hard, and it took great ingenuity to to the simplest things.  Electricity was an innovation, and even it was a challenge.  The drainage and other water issues were nearly insurmountable and nearly ruined the entire project.  No need to discuss the technology today in comparison, as it's barely even the same use of the word. 

Second, the lack of effective communication.  It's true that cross-country and cross-continent communication was possible; however, it was awkward and untimely.  When Burnam needed to convince architects to work on the projects, for example, he actually had to travel to them--and time was a commodity he had little of over the course of the project. Today communication is instantaneous and even visual. 

Third, the lack of transportation.  In this category I include all the transportation issues associated with the creation of the exposition as well as those of the visitors to the Fair.  Bringing in supplies and visitors from all over the United States as well as from around the world was a challenge in every way.

Though it was a great success in nearly every way, there were some key areas which made the project unwieldy and exceptionally difficult.  Despite that, the millions of people who came and saw the 1896 World's Fair as a testament to American ingenuity and creativity--and many of the innovations for this event were the foundations for our current technology, communication, and transportation.

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