What is the falling action of Frindle?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The falling action of Frindle is when Nick deals with the fall-out of having invented a new word. The resolution is the ending, when Allen and Mrs. Granger exchange letters and gifts showing they understood each other all along.

Falling action is the part of the story between the climax and the resolution.  The climax is the turning point, or the most interesting point.  The resolution is how the conflict is resolved.

The climax of Frindle is when Nick’s dad sells the rights to the word “frindle.”  At this point, the word wars are over.  Nick has decided that he wants to forget it for good.  Nick’s dad asks that the money be kept a secret, because he does not think Nick will save money ever again if he knows about it.

Nick’s dad wonders if things will return to normal.  In the falling action, life goes on.  However, the word frindle is used everywhere.  It is just a word.  Nick feels bad about the trouble he caused though.

Everyone in fifth grade got at least one word wrong on his or her spelling test each week.  Every week, the first word at the top of Mrs. Granger’s list was pen. (ch 13, p. 87)

Nick is a celebrity for a while, but he is not the same person.  He does not bring up ideas, because he is afraid to share his ideas with friends.  He talks with Mrs. Granger, who assures him that he did nothing wrong and tells him he will do great things.  Nick’s father gives him access to the trust fund, and he gives money away as gifts to his parents and friends.