What does the quote "Jem, how can you hate Hitler so bad and be so ugly about folks right at home" mean?

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In chapter 26, Scout was at school and Miss Gates,her "hypocritical third-grade teacher who condemns Hitler's persecution of the Jews even as she discriminates against her own students and complains about blacks "getting above themselves." was teaching about the lesson about Hitler and how terrible he was to the Jewish people.  She made a point to talk to the children about prejudice and that it was wrong.  Scout had over heard her make that remark about the black people in Macomb.  Scout did not understand how Miss Gates could talk so badly about Hitler for hating the Jewish people during WWII, and still make terrible remarks about the blacks living right there in Macomb.  Scout couldn't grasp the difference.  This is a great section of the book and I have used it often to teach against the hatred of any group or person because they are different than we are.

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