What does the kindness that Kumalo recieves from Mafolo, Msimangu & the priest demostrate about the power of unity in this time & place?

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These relationships are complex but the kindness which Stephan Kumalo receives demonstrates that although tribal culture is being ripped apart by the economic lure of the cities, unity does exist.  Especially Msimangu tries to help Kumalo and show him the city. He functions not only as a literal guide around but he interprets the city for Kumalo also.  For example he explains to him the politics of the bus boycott.  

In opposition to this idea of unity we have the brothers John and Stephan.  Stephan who comes to the city to find his sister and hopefully his son, does not get much help from his city wise brother.  In fact, John is able to hire a lawyer and get his son free of charges thereby leaving Stephan's son to take the rap for the crime that both men were involved in.   


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