What is 2/5 times 3/5?

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2/5 x 3/5 = (2x3)/(5x5) = 6/25

Since we are multiplying the fractions, the numerators will be multiplied with each other and denominators will multiply with each other, yield the result.

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2/5 and 3/5 can be looked at as fractions.

`2/5` `*`  `3/5`

Since with fractions, when you are multiplying, you must always multiply the numerators with numerators and denominators with denominators. (Remember, a numerator is the top value of the fractions; 2 and 3 in this case, and a denominator is the bottom value of the fractions; 5 and 5 in this case.)


6 will be the final answer's numerator result, and


25 will be the denominator's result.

When put together, the final answer is


Oftentimes, you will be able to simplify the final answer by getting a number that is divisible (can be divided by to achieve a whole number) on both the numerator and denominator, but in this case, the answer is in its simplest form, as there is no common factor between 6 and 25 besides the number 1.