Was Cholly tramatized by the hunters?Did Cholly have a love/hate/ sex/woman problem?

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cholly was absolutely affected by his experience. Sex is an incredibly intimate act, & for it to be interrupted by anyone would be somewhat traumatizing, or at the very least embarrassing. But what Cholly experienced was on another level. To be interrupted, then forced to continue, with a mixture of racism, hatred, & humiliation on the part of the watchers would be something that might take years to be able to cope with.

But Cholly doesn't have years, he doesn't have therapy, he doesn't have anyone to talk to-he is all alone. Moreover, he is unable to turn his rage against the white men who humiliated him, because doing so would have consumed him completely. Instead, he focuses his hatred, his rage, his embarrassment toward Darlene. Of course, this magnifies into all his relationships.

Although there is some hope at the beginning of his marriage with Pauline, it quickly collapses with Cholly's drinking and the overall poverty of the family. Of course, this culminates in Pecola's rape, as the mixture of alcohol and self-loathing causes him to commit violence against his own daughter. So I would argue, yes, Cholly certainly has deep seated psychological issues relating to women. This leads to his inability to separate his pain from those who attempt to love him. Without directing his hate towards those who caused it, he can only radiate it toward those who are closest to him.

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