I was wondering who could be considered a poet "similar" to T.S. Eliot.

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In theme (the impending collapse of cultural unity and collective consciousness, the beginning of a subjective sensibility free of social conformity), all the “modern” poets share Eliot’s view, for example, his contemporary, Ezra Pound, in his Cantos, or William Carlos Williams in his short “photographic” poems. In that respect they are similar. In style, we might look at his post-contemporary poets such as Allen Ginsberg or Gregory Corso to find the prose-like unrhymed “narrative” style. Eliot’s influence is imbedded in the great leap poetry took from the 19th century rule-dictated poetry style (rhymes, even measures, etc.) of the Victorian era to the 20th century freedom of expression employed by such poets as e.e. cummings (although some credit should be given to Walt Whitman, much earlier).

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