Was William Shakespeare a reformer?Was William Shakespeare a reformer?

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I don't think that his immediate intention was to reform anything, and I don't think that his immediate world was reformed in any way by his writing.  He wrote his plays to entertain his audiences and to make money. If his audiences were moved by the story, then so much the better, but I don't think his intention was to instruct or to moralize and through that to reform.

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Shakespeare exposed a variety of societal issues through his plays. He used large, dramatic story lines to entertain people, but buried within the entertainment were truths about his world. People saw these, and could consider them while they were entertained.
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No I don't think so because William was just a writer, poet and play maker, that's all!

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no doubt, Shakespeare lived a life that is said to b the life of leader. As he has given life to drama and as well a new life to theatre,too. Themes of  his plays may seem simple now, but 400 years ago,these topics had played a great  role in changing society's behaviour. His serious plays as well as his comedies deal with the human nature.this is the main reason they were received and welcomed in such a way that they are still loved. although the themes have been repeated a hundred of times but Shakespeare's plays are still performed and watched. his plays have done a lot to change the people's mindset, and thus, without any objection,he can b called as the great reformer.

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