Assess the overall impact of the War of 1812.

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I think that one impact of the war was that it forever ended the threat of Britain to America. What the American Revolution brought about, the War of 1812 forcefully finalized it.  There would never be a political threat of Britain interfering or overtaking the United States.  It also helped to establish America as a world power, capable of competing with any other nation and being able to assert itself in this regard.  I would also suggest that one of the most profound domestic impacts of the war was to develop the emerging sectionalism that would come to define the nation in the Civil War.  Northern interests, specifically those in New England, talked of secession, eerily foreshadowing what Southern counterparts would echo some fifty decades later.  The war's other prominent domestic impact would be the relegation of Native Americans.  The war did much to force the Native Americans into a position of hoping for mercy from American settlers.  This was not to be.  Andrew Jackson's "heroics" at Horseshoe Bend becomes a military symbol of what the political and social reality is going to be for Native Americans in life following the war.

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