In Walker's Jubilee, was Vyry brought over from the Dutton's other plantation when Hetta was dying?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Hetta lay dying after a still birth that went terribly wrong for her, Master John promises her that he will send for the last child she bore for him, a little girl named Vyry. When the other slaves are sitting at Sis Hetta's hut watching over her fading life the best they can, they see Brother Zeke coming up the road with Vyry riding on his shoulders, and they are both followed by Mammy Sukey, her nursemaid.

a man in the distance ... was riding a small child on his shoulders.
"Brother Zeke," breathed May Liza. ...
"That's Sis Hetta's last child she had for Marster [that] Zeke's riding on his shoulder. ... I hear tell they done sent clean over to Marster's other plantation cause Hetta wants to look at her youngun."

The story jumps in a flashback from this moment in which they see Vyry approaching with Zeke to a day earlier when Master John walks down to Sis Hetta's hut after the "white doctor" told him that Hetta is indeed dying. During this brief visit, Master John askes Hetta if there is anything he can get for her, and she replies that she wants to see her last baby who had been sent as an infant to another one of his plantations to be raised by Mammy Sukey. As a result, yes, Vyry is brought over from the other plantation because Sis Hetta has asked to see her, and Master John has done as he promised he would do.

"Is there anything you want? Something I can do for you?" ...
"Just one thing I wants ... I wants to see my youngun Vyry, fore I dies."
"I'll send for her."