What was the type of architectural Romanticism centered in Britain that was a revival of a medieval style? Strawberry Hill and the Parliament building are examples.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The area of London known as Strawberry Hill as well as the rebuilt Palace of Westminster (specifically, the New Palace which is the home of the Houses of Parliament) are both built in the Gothic Revival style. The other structure, Strawberry Hill, is considered the first buildings ever built in such a style; its owner, Horace Walpole, began construction on the site many years before the style became popular during the Victorian Age. The area of Strawberry Hill grew up around the original "castle" built under the watchful eye of Walpole.

"Strawberry Hill was the first house without any existing medieval fabric to be [re]built from scratch in the Gothic style and the first to be based on actual historic examples, rather than an extrapolation of the Gothic vocabulary first developed by William Kent. As such it has a claim to be the starting point of the Gothic Revival."

The Palace of Westminster was destroyed several times by fire; the last reconstruction, beginning in 1834, was also of the Gothic Revival style--specifically of the Perpendicular Gothic style.