was the treaty of Versailles the  least effective Of the peace treaties by 1923

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The Treaty of Versailles was not the least effective peace treaty ever.  There were many aspects of this treaty which had positive results.  One of the causes of World War I was people being ruled by foreigners.  For example, the empire of Austria-Hungary ruled people of many different nationalities.  This ended after World War I as a result of the Treaty of Versailles.  Countries like Poland, Yugoslavia, and Poland were created so people could be ruled by their own ethnic group (the concept of self-determination).  The treaty also dismantled many large empires.  Not only was the Austro-Hungarian empire dismantled, the Ottoman Empire also was split.  The treaty created the League of Nations, an organization designed to keep world peace by having nations discuss issues instead of fighting over them.  While this organization was ultimately not successful, it did lay the groundwork for the present day United Nations.  Additionally, the failure of the League of Nations could be blamed on factors other than its charter.  Further, the United Nations has been fairly active in world affairs to try to resolve issues.  Most people look at the events after World War I as a cause of World War II.  While there were mistakes made in some of the terms of treaty, it is unfair to judge this treaty as the worst ever.  We can't say what would have happened if the treaty would have been softer or easier on the Central Powers.  Plus, there are positive aspects of the treaty which continue to exist today.

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