Was Tom Walker emotional in the story?emotional word was one of my topics that i have to answer in my project!

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, Tom Walker was emotional.  His emotions were not necessarily typical, however.  When he sees the Devil in the forest for the first time, he is surprised, not frightened.  Tom Walker had not heard anyone approach, so when the figure who appeared to be a man, spoke, Tom was startled.  As soon as the Devil spoke and asked Tom what he was doing on the his (the Devil's) grounds, Tom became snide and defensive.  When the man finally let Tom know he was indeed, the Devil, Tom still wasn't afraid, in fact, he made a deal with the Devil.  Tom Walker is also emotional when he deals with his wife, but his emotion isn't love and caring, it is anger and loathing.  When it becomes apparent that the Devil took his wife, Tom is angry that his wife took their valuable candle sticks and figures that the Devil must have had a tough time dealing with her.  The most emotion that Tom shows, however, comes at the end of the story and at the end of Tom's life when a customer accuses Tom of usury. "Tom lost his patience and his piety."  He yelled at the customer, saying if he's made any money from the man, may the Devil take him (Tom).  Which, of course, the Devil did.

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