Explain the intention for the pigs to reduce the principles of Animalism into the seven commandments.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In reducing the principles of Animalism into seven commandments, the intention of the pigs was to ensure that they would have power in being the interpretive force behind Animalism.  The complexity of Animalism was reduced to seven commandments by the pigs in order to make the case that the pigs were the the force of interpretation and understanding of Animalism.  Since Animalism had driven the revolution, there was an implicit power in representing it, embodying it, and being the caretaker of its memory.  In this, the pigs were able to establish power over the other animals.

Orwell creates this condition so that the "vanguard of the revolution" ends up becoming the new force of power as a result of it.  The pigs are able to lay claim to the understanding of Animalism.  In their writing of the commandments, all others animals view them as the leaders of the farm because they seem to demonstrate a clear comprehension of Animalism.  No other interpretation of the theory is present and the reduction of it to the seven commandments becomes a political act in its own right.  The establishment of the pigs as the force of interpretation of Animalism also becomes the basis for how other animals see them on the farm and how they are perceived.  In this, there is a clear intention to exert power through the ability to interpret and relay theoretical principles.