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"I was sure it was a dream" - Bella "You're not that creative" - Edward I don't understand why Edward is telling Bella she is "not that creative". Is he insulting her? What am I missing? It occurs on chapter 15 (The Cullens) in Twilight, where Bella wakes up to see Edward still there after their night together.   

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You aren't really missing anything with this quote.  It is simple teasing conversation between the two.  Bella wakes up trying to remember a dream.  She then realizes that Edward is in her bedroom and she can't believe he stayed.  She jumps in his lap and says,

"I was sure it was a dream." 

"You're not that creative," he scoffed."

The ending of the sentence is what gives the reader the knowledge that he was joking with Bella.  "He scoffed," means he was joking, kidding or teasing Bella.

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zumba96 | Student

Edward was just kidding. When Bella was thinking of what Edward was and named off a multitude of different things he was like keep guessing that isn't very creative. I'm guessing he was messing around with her that she was thinking of all these fictional fantasy characters. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Edward was just messing around with her. Recall one of the earlier conversations when Bella was trying to figure out what Edward was and she named mostly super heroes and he replied with something similar along the lines of not being creative enough to pick anything besides super heroes. So Edward was just teasing Bella with how fantasy struck she can be. 

sparkysundays | Student

when bella wakes up, she is surprised to see edward in her room. and she tells him that last night felt like a dream to her.

edward replies teasingly that she is not creative enough to dream something like this.