Was the story of Jesus of Nazareth ever found recorded in any of the history book?

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This depends on what you call a "history book."  If you accept the gospels in the Bible as history books, then the story of Jesus is recorded.  If you are looking for non-religious texts, there are very few works that contain any reference to the life of Jesus.

There are a couple of historical texts from around the time of Jesus that mention him.  These include works the historians Tacitus (a Roman) and Josephus (a Jew).  But neither of these works has anything to say about Jesus' actual life.  Instead, they talk about the actions of those who followed Jesus.  They talk (a little bit) about the actions of the Christians after the death of Jesus.

Therefore, we have very little in the way of evidence about the actual life of Jesus.  Most scholars try to learn about Jesus' life by looking carefully at the gospels and trying to determine what those works can actually tell us about Jesus' real life and works.

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