Please give some examples of Treachery and Tyranny in Act 4 of Macbeth.

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Of course, there are many examples of treachery and tyranny in Act 4 of Shakespeare's Macbeth, but this response will focus on Act 4 Scene 2.  During Scene 2, the audience learns that Macduff has indeed left Scotland to find Malcolm in England in order to convince him to return to Scotland and claim the throne.  However, Macduff has not told Lady Macduff his reasons for leaving, and she assumes that he has abandoned his family.  Macduff's absence leaves his family in a vulnerable position, and at the end of the scene, a group of murderers hired by Macbeth arrive to sack the castle and kill Macduff's entire family and court.  The murder of the Macduffs is a prime example of Macbeth's tyrannous nature--Macbeth understands that Macduff is a threat to him, so he exercises his power to rid himself of the threat.  Further, the treacherous killing of all the Macduffs exhibits the fact that Macbeth will betray anyone around him if it means securing his position of power.

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