Was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman an Indian Agent who helped in separating East and West Pakistan or was he a nationalist?I have to write a historical investigation on this topic. I need two point of views.

nusratfarah | Student

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is also acclaimed as Bangabandhu, was not at all an Indian agent.

You better research well on your own before forming an opinion.

India is and was herself a very big and powerful country who alone is enough to fight Pakistan. She needs not occupy Bangabandhu as the agent.

From the beginning of the birth of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1947, Mujib played an extremely significant role to earn freedom for his motherland which was connected with West Pakistan just on the basis of only one common issue- religion. Otherwise, there was no single common ground between the inhabitants. Their language, culture, heritage- everything was different. In fact, situation worsened when the Pakistanis started suppressing the Others vehemently. The West began to behave with the East in an imperial attitude. The situation did not lead people to take direct actions against the oppressors overnight. This was a result of a long-time torment. Sheikh Mujib was the leader to show the exact direction to come out of the repression. He is the hero of the freedom of Bangladesh as Mandella is of the sufferes from apartheid in South Africa.

Mujib fought and sacrificed himself for the sake of his country, not for another state. He's recently chosen the best Bangalee of the world according to BBC statistics.


krishna-agrawala | Student

Shaikh Mujibur Rahman (1925-1975) was most certainly not an Indian agent. He was basically a leader of Bangladeshi people who were blatantly discriminated against by the West Pakistan rulers of then joint Pakistan of which Bangladesh  was a part, bearing the name of East Pakistan.

Mujibur Rahman protested against the unjust and unfair treatment received by East Pakistan under the Pakistan government dominated by people from the other Part of Pakistan, the West Pakistan. When there was no positive response from the government, he organized the people of East Pakistan to protest against the oppression. The Pakistan government tried to suppress the popular sentiments of people by military action, treating people of West Bengal almost like enemies. Shaikh Mujibur Rahman an elected leader of the East Pakistan was arrested and Kept in a prison in West Pakistan.

At this stage India sympathised with the people of Bangladesh. Also civil war in its neighborhood  created serious problems of refugee influx for India. Fearing that India may openly support the Bangladeshi people, in their struggle for freedom, attacked India also. This brought India openly in conflict with Pakistan. With the support of India Bangladesh gained freedom from Pakistan in December 1971.

Mujibur Rahman was released from prison and returned home to a hero's welcome. He became Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1972. He resigned from this post in 1975 to assume the position of President of the country. However Military leaders of the country overthrew his government and killed him in August 1975.

inquisitive1971 | Student
Government of Pakistan had accused Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of being an Indian agent and lodged a case against him for treason. Bengalis rejected the government's claim and called this case "Agartala Conspiracy Case". Due to popular demand from people of East Pakistan, Government was compelled to withdraw the case against Shaikh Mujibur Rahman. Curiously, Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Mujib and present Prime Minister of Bangladesh has recently claimed that the allegations of Agartala Case were in fact true. The same statement has also been made by Present Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament Shawkat Ali, a co-accused of the Agartala Case. In light of these recent claims, fresh research is needed to unearth Sheikh Mujib's role.