In "The Guide", was Rosie responsible for all the mishappenings happened to Raju?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that while Rosie has a role in what happens to Raju, his own actions play a significant part in his own condition.  His desire to encourage Rosie to become a dancer, to manage her career, and to become enveloped in the trappings of the wealth she generated are all actions for which he has to bear a great deal of responsibility.  This is only enhanced by his engaging in activities which, while not immediately motivated by criminal interest, were done in a duplicitous manner to sustain their relationship and his profitable connection to her.  Raju's desire to be with Rosie and to, in a sense, control her is a shift in advocacy from how he was at the start of their relationship, where her husband's disapproval of her dancing helped to prevent her from achieving her full sense of self.  Raju has to bear some level of responsibility for embodying in his own right what he initially protested against.